Protect your food with ACS

COVID-19 has become a 'lifestyle-changing' experience for everyone. Special times require insightful solutions. An excellent opportunity for food retailers to guarantee food safety. Seal packages hermetically with a seal and ensure the freshness of all products. Vacuum packaging guarantees reliable, consistent and fraud-resistant product safety. It eliminates most microorganisms and protects all meals and products.

Do you want to achieve high quality product results? Then use Henkelman ACS technology. Easily package proteins, fruits, vegetables, sauces:

  • Hygiene / safety guaranteed
  • No sneeze protection necessary
  • No cross contamination
  • Hermetically sealed packaging
  • Optimal product protection
  • Always consistent product
  • Compact & visible packaging
  • Extends the expiration date
  • Reduce volume reduction of the product
  • Limit waste

Standard on ACS

  • LCD Display
  • Software in 5 languages
  • 20 program memory
  • USB connection for program uploads
  • Standard Sensor Control
  • Label printer compatibility
  • Compatibility with HACCP standards
  • Multi-level access
  • Programming online

Henkelman ACS

Henkelman's ACS is more than a control system. The Advanced Control System contains unique features, special options and intelligent functionality. In short, an important added value to any vacuum packaging process.

The Lynx and Titaan series are standard equipped with Advanced control. The ACS is available as an option for Boxer, Toucan, Marlin, Falcon and Polar models.

Advantages of Henkelman machines with ACS

  • Advanced functionality: marinade and preserving jar function
  • Optional liquid control
  • Vacuates up to 99.8%
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Automated workflow
  • Programmable by product name
  • Label printer compatibility
  • Compatibility with HACCP standards
  • 3 year warranty

Weck jars

The preserving jar function is a standard function on the ACS panel. It is used to vacuum seal jars or gastronorm containers in seconds with just a single button press. Place the jars or gastronorm containers with lids in the vacuum chamber, select the Weck jar function and close the lid of the machine. With this function, each jar is closed with a maximum final vacuum of 99.8% during a shortened cycle, since the heating phases of the sealing bars and Soft Air have been removed. All these parameters are programmed in the software settings of the ACS control for a fast and safe vacuum closure!


Marinating is a standard feature of the ACS. This function is used to marinate products better and faster. You put the marinated product in the vacuum chamber and start the cycle. Thanks to the intelligent software, a pulsating movement of the air is created. This opens the structure of the product and allows the marinade to penetrate deeply into the meat, fish, vegetables or fruit. The marinade is, as it were, absorbed. And that in minutes instead of hours ...


Tenderizing is a standard feature of the ACS. This function is used to keep the vacuum chamber under vacuum for a certain period of time, up to 30 minutes. The continuous pressure difference ensures that the product cells are broken down. The effect of this is that food products become more tender. The Tenderizer is mainly used for brittle chocolate and bamboo.

Red meat

Red meat is a standard feature of the ACS. By means of small, short injections of air, the Red meat function stops the degassing of the moisture in the meat during the sealing phase. This prevents the formation of air chambers in the vacuum package. For a longer shelf life and better quality of red meat.

Step vacuum

Step vacuum is a standard feature of the ACS. Use this function if you want to ensure that all 'false' air is extracted from the air. It goes like this. The product is vacuumed, then the cycle is paused, then vacuumed again, and paused and so on. Up to a maximum of 5 steps. Step vacuum is ideally suited for products that contain a lot of air, such as minced meat, pate, mousse and cheese.