MasterCard / Visa

We can accept only MasterCard or Visa credit cards.

Extra charge

For credit card payments we incur an extra fee to cover the payment costs. This fee is 2.25% of the total order amount and will be presented clearly during the checkout process.

How does an online credit card payment?

  • You place your order and choose to pay by credit card.
  • Upon payment you enter your credit card number, expiration date and CID / CVC code. This code is used for authentication and you can usually find on the back of your credit card.
  • The data is sent to your credit card company. When the transaction is authorized you will be notified. If the transaction is not authorized, customer and seller will be informed. It is up to them to find another way of payment for handling the transaction.
  • In many cases, the amount is deducted at the end of the month of your account (for more information, contact your credit card company).
  • The steps are carried out in a short time. Sending the data to the credit card company, authorization and receiving the authorization normally happens within fifteen seconds.
  • We will not know until the next day if the transaction is accepted by the credit card company. This slows down the processing of the order.

Benefits of online credit card payment

The entire authorization process is completed quickly. It only takes a few seconds. The transaction will be completed entirely online.

Read more about paying by credit card on the websites of Visa and MasterCard.

If you have any questions please contact our customer support.

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