Henkelman extra information

Control the packaging cycle

Control of the vacuum packaging cycle is crucial to obtain an optimal and deep end vacuum. Henkelman technology enables you to control the vacuum packaging cycle in 3 different ways: by time in seconds, by a sensor that detects the pre-set percentage of end vacuum, and by a liquid sensor that detects the damp that evaporates when liquids start boiling.

Time Control

Set the time of the vacuum packaging cycle and the machine stops extracting air as soon as the pre-set time has been reached. Perfect for your basic but professional packaging needs.

Sensor control

Do you prefer the machine to detect a certain level of end vacuum in the chamber? With Sensor control, the machine automatically stops extracting air as soon as the pre-set vacuum percentage has been detected.

✓ Standard on Advanced Control System
✓ Standard on Touch control

Liquid control

Wet and liquid products quickly reach their boiling point during the vacuum packaging cycle. Reducing the container pressure below atmospheric pressure, causes fluids to boil at room temperature and cooks products when cold. The Liquid control sensor detects the evaporation of the liquid product. The machine stops extracing the air and starts the sealing of the pouch to prevent damage to product and machine.

✓ Option on 10 program panel, ACS and Touch control
✓ Not available on Jumbo models

Control panels

Customize your packaging process by choosing the control panel that meets all your requirements. Henkelman offers 4 different control panels, each with its own standard features and options. 

Henkelman seal systems

The right seal solution protects products efficiently against external elements. Henkelman offers several seal systems for your specific application. This depends on the type of vacuum bag (PA/PE, shrink bag, bags with aluminium coating), thickness of the bag, the desired seal and other requirements. Learn how to choose the right seal for your vacuum packages.

Standard Double seal

Henkelman works with convex seal wires for its Double seal, Cut-off and 1-2 Cut-off seal. This ensures residue being pressed out from between the foils of the bag during the seal process and decreases the risk of leakage. Furthermore, convex seal wires empower a strong seal resistance thanks to the easy separation of the residue. Double seal is Henkelman's standard. It consists of two 3.5 mm convex seal wires.

Cut-off seal available for free

Cut-off seal consists of one 3.5 mm convex seal wire and one 1.1 mm round cutting wire to easily tear off the residual plastic.

The paid option of 1-2 Cut-off seal is similar. The only difference is that with 1-2 Cut-off seal the time and settings of the seal and cutting wire can be managed seperately. Henkelman developed 1-2 Cut-off seal for shrink bags in general and some vacuum bags made of resistant but thin foil. For the easy removal of the rest foil. 

Wide seal

Certain types of vacuum bags have been pre-sealed on 3 sides. For a professional result, the seal on the remaining side equals the width of the other 3 pre-seals. The main advantage of Wide seal is the aesthetic, professional result.

✓ 8 mm Wide seal on table-tops and Marlin 52
✓ 10 mm Wide seal on floor and industrial models, except Marlin 52

Bi-active seal

Bi-active seal is used when vacuum sealing aluminium or thicker bags. This seal system has seal bars on both the inside of the lid and on the front of the vacuum chambers, so the vacuum bag is being sealed from both sides of the bag. Bi-active seal is a paid option on Henkelman vacuum packaging machines.

Bi-active seal is available on Boxer 42XL, Toucan, Falcon and Polarseries.