Henkelman Applications

Packing food
A lot of food is vacuum packed, mainly because this extends the shelf life.
Henkelman makes choosing the right vacuum packaging machine easy. Meat, game, poultry, fish, dairy products, cheese, soups or ready meals? Bulk or single products? They always have the right machine for your specific wishes and needs.
Advantages of vacuuming foodstuffs:
  • longer shelf life;
  • traceable product history;
  • optimal protection;
  • nice presentation;
  • applicable for sous-vide cooking, maturing and flavoring of vacuum packed products.
catering industry
Henkelman machines provide excellent services in the hospitality industry worldwide.
In the catering industry, vacuuming offers numerous advantages, which often also lead to cost savings. Below is the sum of the main advantages:
Advantages of vacuuming in the hospitality industry
  • Longer shelf life: depending on the product and its freshness, the shelf life can increase by a factor of 2 to 6. As a result, much less food will be thrown away.
  • Due to the longer shelf life, the catering entrepreneur can purchase larger quantities of food at more competitive prices. The transport costs will therefore decrease.
  • Preparing and proportioning food in advance makes it possible to better cope with peak periods. This leads to better personnel organization in the kitchen and to cost savings.
  • Vacuum packaging promotes hygiene; after all, nothing goes in or out of the packaging. With vacuum packaging, the cooling stays cleaner and needs to be cleaned less often. Moreover, the space in the refrigerator can be used better, because different product types can be placed on the same shelf.
  • Products do not dry out, so that weight and flavor are retained.
  • The tenderness of meat is promoted by it. While the meat is kept in the vacuum, the maturing process continues.
Sous vide cooking
This cooking technique, which was developed in 1974, is increasingly popular worldwide.
Sous-vide is a cooking technique that offers benefits in any kitchen, regardless of its size. All over the world, cooks are becoming increasingly familiar with slow cooking or cooking at exact temperatures. The wide range of hot water baths and cook-and-chill machines, as well as the flexibility of combi steamers, stimulate this process. Integrate sous-vide cooking techniques
in the kitchen is getting easier.
Vacuum cooking can improve productivity in the kitchen and
make the entire work organization much more flexible. The big advantage is that
food that has been prepared sous-vide retains its quality much longer than food that has been prepared in the normal way.
Henkelman offers different types of vacuum packaging machines. They are specially tailored to the catering industry and are extremely suitable for sous-vide preparations.
Consumer and industrial goods
Airtight packaging also has many advantages for consumer and industrial goods.
It is now known in various branches that an airtight packaging also has numerous advantages for non-food.
There is therefore an enormous diversity of products that are vacuum packed.
It is not without reason that renowned companies such as Cartier, Peugeot and Laboratoires Boiron use our machines to provide their products with the optimal packaging.
Advantages of vacuum packaging for the industry
  • Protection and volume reduction.
  • Dirt and dust from the outside are kept out.
  • The airtight packaging prevents corrosion and keeps moisture away from the product.
  • Scratches and scrapes during transport are prevented.
  • Certain plastics and rubber do not dry out in the airtight container.
  • Compiled packages are guaranteed to remain complete.
  • Savings on storage and transport costs.
  • Vacuum packaging prevents fraud.
  • Possibilities for packaging in a Clean Room
  • The vacuum pump is placed outside the clean room.
  • An extended outlet can be placed on the pump in the machine.
  • Can be combined with a Busch dry-running pump that does not emit oil-contaminated air.
  • Safe storage for every industry
  • Museums - valuable unique objects.
  • Police - supporting documents with DNA material.
  • Jeweler - store silver jewelry without discoloration.
  • Dental technology - safe storage and transport of molds and prostheses.
  • Chemistry - aggressive substances are stored safely.
  • Textile - less volume, no moisture effect, no insects in clothing.