Sous vide cooking

This cooking technique is becoming increasingly popular worldwide

Sous-vide or vacuum cooking is a simple and effective preparation method in which every product is cooked at exactly the right constant temperature.

Sous-vide cooking was developed in France forty years ago by the famous chef George Pralus. It is a revolutionary technique in which vacuum-packed products are cooked at a constant temperature in a water bath or combi oven. This method is suitable for both small and large-scale food preparation and is one of the most cost-effective and tasteful methods for the culinary preparation of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit and the preparation of patties, sauces, side dishes and desserts.

Sous-vide cooking is affordable and fast, suitable for both small and large companies and for the preparation of single portions or cooking in larger volumes. Due to the attractive prices and low maintenance, professional chefs get a lot of value for their money and quickly recover their investment costs.

Applicable in:
Sous vide cooking Restaurants Catering Hotels
Especially suitable for:
Meat and fish Fruits and vegetables Desserts Dough products

Constant top quality results at all stages of food preparation

• Cook
• Pasteurization
• Conservation
• Regenerate

100 percent natural and tasty cooking

• Healthier dishes by preparing products in your own cooking liquid
• Extremely tender and fresh due to constant temperature and retention of moisture
• Consistent in weight and taste with no additives or preservatives
• Preservation of natural vitamins and minerals
• Lean preparation without many fats
• Versatile method for the preparation of meat, fish and vegetables
• Perfect for pasties and poaching fruit
• Products can be kept longer by means of the vacuum bag

Save time with simple and fast technology

• Products can be largely prepared, so little last-minute preparation
• More hygienic and faster, because products can be prepared in larger quantities
• When cooking temperature and time are set, the preparation requires little further attention
• Cooking equipment takes up little space and is easy to clean
• Single use disposable vacuum bags

Save money with cost-efficient method

• The low investment costs for the equipment and accessories pay off quickly
• Longer shelf life of products and less kitchen waste
• Lower operating costs with fewer dishes, pots and pans
• Streamlined inventory management
• Products can be purchased at a lower price because it can be prepared on a larger scale
• Food products shrink less and provide maximum returns

Less stress in the kitchen through optimal preparation

• Better personnel planning
• Smoother kitchen process
• Consistent food quality without errors

Minimal risk of food contamination due to hygienic process

• Safer food preparation with less handling and exposure to air
• Maximum protection in vacuum bags reduces the risk of aerobic bacteria
• Easy storage of vacuumed products on the same shelf
• Optimal storage of products minimizes odor transfer
• Traceable path guarantees freshness of products