Vacuum packaging for industry

Consumer and industrial goods

Airtight packaging also has many advantages for consumer and industrial goods.

It is now known in various branches that an airtight packaging also has numerous advantages for non-food. There is therefore an enormous diversity of products that are vacuum packed. It is not without reason that renowned companies such as Cartier, Peugeot and Laboratoires Boiron use Henkelman machines to provide their products with the optimal packaging.

Applicable in:
Electronic & mechanical Pharmaceutical industry Car industry Clean rooms
Especially suitable for:
Electronics Medical and chemical Money, notes & coins Metal parts

Advantages of vacuum packaging for the industry

  • Protection and volume reduction.
  • Dirt and dust from the outside are kept out.
  • The airtight packaging prevents corrosion and keeps moisture away from the product.
  • Scratches and scrapes during transport are prevented.
  • Certain plastics and rubber do not dry out in the airtight container.
  • Compiled packages are guaranteed to remain complete.
  • Savings on storage and transport costs.
  • Vacuum packaging prevents fraud.

Possibilities for packaging in a Clean Room

  • The vacuum pump is placed outside the clean room.
  • An extended outlet can be placed on the pump in the machine.
  • Can be combined with a Busch dry-running pump that does not emit oil-contaminated air.

Safe storage for every industry

  • Museums - valuable unique objects.
  • Police - supporting documents with DNA material.
  • Jeweler - store silver jewelry without discoloration.
  • Dental technology - safe storage and transport of molds and prostheses.
  • Chemistry - aggressive substances are stored safely.
  • Textile - less volume, no moisture effect, no insects in clothing.