Advantages of vacuuming food

A lot of food is vacuum packed, mainly because this extends the shelf life.

Henkelman makes choosing the right vacuum packaging machine easy. Meat, game, poultry, fish, dairy products, cheese, soups or ready meals? Bulk or single products? We always have the right machine for your specific wishes and needs.

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Fruits and vegetables Cheese Meat and fish Dough products

Advantages of vacuuming food:

  • No contamination or growth of bacteria, so longer product shelf life
    - cost savings (larger purchase quantities, efficient cooking concepts)
    - increase in turnover (more variation and spread of product ranges)
  • Optimal product and storage hygiene (hermetic seal)
  • No product loss (avoiding drying out, fungi and freeze blisters)
  • Improved product quality (product maturation in packaging, no loss of aroma)
  • Professional product presentation
  • Food-safe packaging that meets the HACCP standards

In the catering industry, vacuuming offers numerous advantages, which often also lead to cost savings. Below is the sum of the main advantages:

Advantages of vacuuming in the hospitality industry

  • Longer shelf life: depending on the product and its freshness, the shelf life can increase by a factor of 2 to 6. As a result, much less food will be thrown away.
  • Due to the longer shelf life, the catering entrepreneur can purchase larger quantities of food at more competitive prices. The transport costs will therefore decrease.
  • Preparing and proportioning food in advance makes it possible to better cope with peak periods. This leads to better personnel organization in the kitchen and to cost savings.
  • Vacuum packaging promotes hygiene; after all, nothing goes in or out of the packaging. With vacuum packaging, the cooling stays cleaner and needs to be cleaned less often.
  • Moreover, the space in the refrigerator can be used better, because different product types can be placed on the same shelf.
  • Products do not dry out, so that weight and flavor are retained.
  • The tenderness of meat is promoted by it. While the meat is kept in the vacuum, the maturing process continues.